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Muhu Bread Armenia is an artisan bakery in the heart of Yerevan that has brought recipes and the key ingredients of traditional Estonian rye bread from the island of Muhu. This black bread's original and distinct flavor grew from its founders' burning desire to make delicious bread for the whole family. It became a household name (in Estonian-Muhu Leib) over time thanks to the work of first-class bakers and the combination of the best ingredients. After a decade of successful work and selling throughout Estonia, Muhu Leib Bakery arrived in Armenia in 2022.
Our offerings are made entirely of rye flour. For Estonians, this genuine black bread is the most traditional food and is favored above regular white and wheat bread since it is more nutritious and keeps you fuller for longer. At Muhu Bread Armenia, we bake the same traditional family bread with three different types of rye flour, specially brought from Estonia. We can't wait to share our handcrafted bread with you and introduce you to Estonian culture.
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Our bread assortment is diverse:
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Weekly Bread Subscription
Become a member of our bread club, and you will get a loaf of our traditional rye bread once a week straight from the oven
Rye Bread Baking Workshops
At Muhu Bread, we organize a series of workshops on rye bread baking, where we demonstrate how we make the most delicious rye bread in Yerevan and which ingredients we use to get its distinctive flavor and aroma.

We invite you to take part in the process of making Muhu bread and develop new baking skills and expertise. During the workshop, we bake two varieties of bread.

The workshop is conducted by the founders of Muhu Bread Armenia:
01. Piruza Harutjunjan
02. Arus Melkonyan
From Armenia
From Estonia
During the event, you:
Learn about the characteristics of rye flour and gain baking experience
Sample our open sandwiches, drink coffee or tea
And take home the two breads you baked to impress your loved ones
8000 AMD
The participation fee
Meet Muhu's most refreshing summertime option:
Crispy Rye and Seed Crackers. Excellent on its own as a super healthy snack, or with some fresh salad, guacamole, and hummus
We are excited to share a piece of very delicious news with you:
Muhu's rye bread can now be sampled at Gouroo Club & Garden.

Gouroo, located on Yerevan's most beloved Saryan Street, is a healthy eating and lifestyle philosophy that prioritizes quality, taste, and happiness; this philosophy pairs exceptionally well with Muhu's nutritious and high-quality rye bread.
How much does bread cost?
Bread costs 2,000 AMD, and half costs 1,000 AMD.
How much does a loaf of bread weigh in grams?
One full loaf weighs 1 kg, and around 100-130 grams evaporate after baking.
Is it sourdough, with or without yeast?
Our rye bread has no wheat flour or yeast and is baked with rye sourdough. Rye sourdough is more nutritious, easier to digest, and has a lower glycemic index.
Is rye gluten-free?
The gluten in rye flour is of the secale type, which varies from the gluten in white flour and is three times less in rye flour.
Is the bread healthy and carb-free?
The bread has neither wheat flour nor yeast and is baked using rye sourdough.
Do you offer delivery service?
We deliver. Presently, the only available purchasing options are through the website ( or by calling +374 95 676665.
How long will the bread last?
You may keep it out for up to 4 days. After that, put it in the refrigerator.
What kinds of bread are there?
Our handcrafted bread assortment is diverse: rye bread with three types of seeds- sunflower, hemp, and flax seeds; rye bread with hazelnuts; dietary rye bread with fenugreek; and plain rye bread without additives.

In addition to rye bread, our bakery also offers Blackcurrant and Chocolate Rye Muffins, as well as Vegan Banana Bread (30% banana, wheat flour).
What does rye bread consist of?
Our bread is made with three different varieties of eco rye flour: two from rye malt, and rye sourdough.
We can't find your address. Could you please guide us?
Mashtots 37; closer to the Tumanyan and Spendiaryan street crossroads. Enter Spendiaryan Street in front of the Tumanyan SAS supermarket, go a bit to the right, pass through the boom barrier, and take the stairs to the second floor. Fast food stock, "Ածուխ," is located on the basement floor, under our bakery.
How can I participate in your workshops?
Our workshops are conducted practically every week; for more information and to register, check out the Workshops section of the website or follow us on social media, where we regularly post news.
Could you explain the health benefits of rye bread, particularly how it varies from white bread?
Unlike traditional white and wheat bread, rye bread is darker and denser, with a strong and sour taste. Compared to regular white and wheat breads, rye bread is also high in many nutrients, particularly fiber and B vitamins, and has a low fat content.

If you include rye bread in your daily diet, you may benefit in a variety of ways, including reducing heart disease risk factors. Besides, because of its high soluble fiber content, rye bread can be very filling and keep you fuller for longer.
Mashtots 37, Yerevan
working hours
Daily 10-19
We are located at Mashtots 37, closer to the Tumanyan and Spendiaryan street crossroads. The wonderful aroma of our freshly baked bread will most likely lead you to us!

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